Mascara and Eyelash Damage

The effects of constantly using of mascara can be detrimental to your eyelashes. If you do not wash off your mascara before going to sleep, your eyelashes can become brittle, dry and break off. If you continue to add layers of new mascara on top of the old, the caked-on lashes can become especially heavy fragile and break off when you rub your eyes or use an eyelash curler. Always curl your eyelashes after they have been cleaned, not after mascara has been applied. For the healthiest eyelashes, it is recommended to leave your eyelashes alone, or rinse your eyes gently with water or makeup remover and apply the natural oil of your choice. Additionally, choose your mascara carefully. The type of mascara you use has a direct effect on the condition of your lashes. For example, waterproof mascaras tend to be more difficult to remove and result in pulling of the eye area. This leads to further breakage. Instead, use water-soluble mascara on a regular basis.

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