How Fast Do Eyelashes Grow?

Eyelashes are essentially like any other type of hair. To make an eyelash grow, you must consume plenty of vitamins and minerals. However, you also have plenty of fluids in your diet. It is currently known that eyelashes grow at a rate of only ¼ inch per month. If your eyelashes break by more than this or equal to this amount, your new growth is useless. Still, genetics may also affect individual growth rate. Can’t wait? Ensure maximum lash retention with this simple trick. Apply Vaseline, vitamin E, olive or castor oil to the eyelash base regularly to encourage eyelash growth. Apply daily with a Q-tip before going to bed. Spread evenly over the lashes, and wash off after three to four minutes or leave it on overnight. You should see the eyelashes are more conditioned and healthier within two weeks.

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